My name is Jasmine Hailey owner and operator of JPessentials. I am a Twenty-five-year-old full-time mom and entrepreneur. I love to nature, music, and learning about different natural products that enhance natural beauty, peace, and prosperity. I started this blog to help women embrace their natural roots and to inform women on all of the natural remedies for hair, skin, and cleansing your body and the energy around you. 

What pushed me the most was the birth of my son Jace who was born just at 26 weeks and later diagnosed with CP (Cerebral Palsy). Because of this, it was hard to work a full-time job due to the many doctor appointments and therapy sessions. It was hard to find a job that’s understanding and lenient of real-life situations. As a mother my child came first so if it meant working 30 hours or less to make sure he got what he needed, I was willing to make that sacrifice. The thought of having my own business appeared in my head due to the amount of flexibility I would have. 
Growing up I’ve always had sensitive skin. I’ve had to use specific soaps, laundry detergents, hair products, and was even limited to fragrances. Last year I decided to try to switch to all natural products. I had no idea how many “All-Natural” stores were out there, and it excited me. I have always wanted my own business but could never decide on what kind of business I wanted to own until then. As I shopped I found myself thinking “hmm I can make this” and I could see myself enjoying it at that. I have always been very experimental, so the passion for it has pretty much always been there. 
Well, after research, saving, a class I traveled to in Atlanta, GA and a leap of faith I started my own business January of 2019. I had finally found something I was interested in and had a passion for bringing to life.  My website consists of a blog, my modeling portfolio and a place to shop for all natural products for hair and skin care. 
My mission is merely to uplift people, help people embrace their natural beauty and provide natural products that anyone would love whether they have sensitive skin or not.  All products are natural, hand-made and made from love. All advice and guidance are given directly from the heart.