Jay is the founder and owner of Jpessentials and Ntune With Jay Patrice. She started Jpessentials in 2019 with only one product which was my hair growth oil. "I always knew I wanted to be a business owner but never knew what I would exactly do. Back in 2019 I was practically pushed into entrepreneurship because I was unable to obtain a good paying job that would work with the schedule I needed to continue talking my special needs son to his weekly therapy appointments" said Jay.
Along this journey she began her spiritual journey as well as learning the things that caters to one's well being. She dove heavily in self care , healing, and spiritual books which is what landed her to where she is now. Jay says that her purpose is to help heal and guide other to the path of growth and freedom. "I had to learn to heal from so much alone. I had to learn what it truly meant to love myself and step into my power. I don't want others to feel alone in the ways that I did so I chose to use my creative thoughts to create products that are guaranteed mood boosters AND holistic. I also chose to allow my pain to be my purpose. I know its my purpose because I was spiritually led here and it fuels me energetically."
Jay created her brand Ntune With Jay Patrice to give back to her community in many ways. She hosts events that create a safe space for healing, growing, learning, and empowering for women, men, and even children. Her specialty is showing others how to step into their power and how to be free.
Jay is an example of someone who is a jack of all trades. She creates her products, she is a poet, a loctician a motivational speaker, author, a creative director, podcaster, and a mom on top of everything. "Who says you have to pick one thing to be your dream? There is so much that I want to do in life and I am determined to do them all at some point in my life. And so can you!" says Jay.
You can find her on Instagram @_jusjayy and on Facebook @Jasmine Patrice. You can also subscribe to her on Youtube as well to get to know her even more. 
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